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Spring 2022’ Interior Design and Paint Trends in Nashville

Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

Textured heavy elements are a new playful way to elevate the spaces within your home if you are wanting to avoid large negative spaces. I find wallpaper being a great addition to walls were the drywall might not be in the best condition.

It’s all about playing with scale and maintaining a consistent color palette to keep your space feeling consistent and interesting. - Studio McGhee

Hues of Brown

I ,for one, am excited to see the shift away from the cool-toned shades of gray. There is something warm, almost human about how browns can breathe back life into a home. Don’t get me wrong, grays are a great choice but personally, it looks best in a corporate setting.

“Chocolate browns, camels and caramels—there has been so much color and pattern, especially pastels, the last few years and I think people will be ready for a palette cleanser.” -Mark D. Sikes


This is a hot debate at my household about whether lime wash walls looks as good as it does in photos. Since this is my blog, what I say goes, I think lime wash is absolutely timeless. I love the clay-ash look it has. Maybe I am biased because I used to do pottery and it reminds me of being in the art studio. If you have an artist flair, like I do, a lime wash wall as an accent piece would be beautiful. It is best placed in a room where the sun hits the wall like how it does in the example above.

Thanks to its old-world origins, limewash is perhaps the most sustainable and environmentally friendly treatment you can apply to your walls. It’s non-toxic and contains zero solvents or VOCs. It’s also said to be hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which we can totally get behind. - Havenly


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