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Hey there, Nashville homeowners! When it comes to bringing vibrancy and life to your spaces, choosing the right paint is paramount. At The Ville Painting Co., we take great pride in our commitment to excellence, and that's why we trust Sherwin Williams as our go-to paint partner. In this blog, we'll shed light on the reasons behind our choice and why Sherwin Williams checks all the boxes. From reliability and guarantees to accessibility and various price points without compromising quality, let's dive into the world of paint perfection!

  1. Reliability: Painting with Peace of Mind

At The Ville Painting Co., we understand that reliability is the foundation of any successful partnership. Sherwin Williams has proven itself time and time again with a legacy of top-notch performance and consistency. With decades of experience in the paint industry, they've established themselves as a trusted brand that delivers outstanding results. When we use Sherwin Williams paint, we know we're working with a product we can rely on to create lasting and beautiful finishes for your Nashville home.

  1. Quality Guarantee: Our Promise to You

Just like The Ville Painting Co. is committed to delivering exceptional service, Sherwin Williams stands by their product with a quality guarantee. Their dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with our own principles, assuring our customers that they're getting the best possible paint for their projects. This guarantee gives us the confidence to know that we're using a product that will exceed your expectations and stand the test of time.

  1. Accessibility: Colors at Your Fingertips

We understand that every homeowner in Nashville has unique preferences and visions for their spaces. Sherwin Williams provides an extensive range of paint colors and finishes, making it easy for us to find the perfect match for your project. Whether you're looking for a classic neutral, a bold statement color, or a specialty finish, Sherwin Williams offers a diverse selection, allowing us to bring your dreams to life with ease.

  1. Versatility in Price Points: Quality Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

At The Ville Painting Co., we believe that every homeowner deserves top-quality results, no matter their budget. Sherwin Williams caters to various price points without compromising on quality. Their range of paint products allows us to offer affordable options that maintain the exceptional performance and finish you expect from a top-notch paint brand. With Sherwin Williams, you can have both quality and value without compromise.

Nashville homeowners, when it comes to choosing the perfect paint partner for your projects, The Ville Painting Co. places its trust in Sherwin Williams. Their reliability, quality guarantee, accessibility, and versatility in price points make them the ideal paint brand to bring your spaces to life. We take pride in using Sherwin Williams paint because it allows us to deliver outstanding results that you'll love for years to come.

So, let The Ville Painting Co. and Sherwin Williams work together to create a masterpiece in your Nashville home. With our commitment to excellence and Sherwin Williams' dedication to quality, you can be confident that your painting project is in the best hands. Get ready to experience the beauty and vibrancy that only the perfect paint partnership can bring!

Hey there, Nashville homeowners! Are you ready to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your abode? It's time to let your true colors shine with the help of Sherwin Williams' popular paint picks for 2023! At The Ville Painting Co., we've got the perfect paintbrushes to turn your home into a vibrant masterpiece. Let's explore some funky color examples that are all the rage this year and transform your Nashville space into a playful paradise!

  1. Radiant Red: Sherwin Williams SW 6861

Nothing says "bold and beautiful" like a splash of radiant red! Sherwin Williams' SW 6861 is a hue that exudes confidence and adds an exciting pop of color to any room. Whether you choose to paint an accent wall in your living room or spice up your front doorway, this fiery red is sure to turn heads and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Sunny Yellow: Sherwin Williams SW 9005

Bring the sunshine indoors with Sherwin Williams' SW 9005! This sunny yellow hue is perfect for accentuating your kitchen cabinetry or giving your bedroom a cheery update. The Ville Painting Co. knows that this delightful color will instantly brighten up any space, making it feel like a summer day, no matter the season.

  1. Electric Blue: Sherwin Williams SW 6965

If you're in the mood for a daring and vibrant color, look no further than Sherwin Williams' SW 6965. This electric blue shade adds a touch of excitement and a sense of adventure to any room. Consider painting your statement furniture or creating an accent wall in your home office to infuse a sense of energy and creativity.

  1. Whimsical Mint Green: Sherwin Williams SW 6442

For a softer and more whimsical touch, Sherwin Williams' SW 6442 is a minty dream come true! This refreshing green hue can be the perfect choice for a calming bedroom retreat or a delightful bathroom makeover. The Ville Painting Co. knows that this shade will add a serene and tranquil vibe to your space, making it the ideal escape after a busy day in Nashville.


Nashville homeowners, it's time to let Sherwin Williams' popular paint picks for 2023 inspire your creativity! With radiant red, sunny yellow, electric blue, and whimsical mint green, you have a rainbow of funky colors to choose from. The Ville Painting Co. is here to help you turn your home into a playful paradise that reflects your unique style and vibrant personality.

So, let's bring the magic of Sherwin Williams' popular colors to life and paint your Nashville space with a splash of fun. Whether you opt for a daring accent wall or a whimsical furniture update, you'll be amazed at how these trendy hues can transform your home into a delightful wonderland. Happy painting, Nashville! Let's make your space shine with the most popular colors of 2023, courtesy of Sherwin Williams and The Ville Painting Co.!

Ah, the beauty of wood—a natural treasure that graces many Nashville homes. Whether it's a charming deck, a rustic fence, or a lovely garden shed, wood adds warmth and character to your property. But here's a crucial tip for all you Nashville homeowners: If it's not pressure-treated, it's time to grab your paintbrush or stain can and get to work! In this blog, in partnership with The Ville Painting Co., we'll reveal why it's essential to immediately paint or stain non-pressure treated wood. Let's preserve the natural splendor of wood and keep your Nashville property looking stunning for years to come.

  1. Shielding Against Moisture: Nashville's Weather Nemesis

Nashville, we love you, but your weather can be unpredictable. Non-pressure treated wood is vulnerable to moisture, and that spells trouble. Unprotected wood is like a sponge, soaking up rain, dew, and humidity. This can lead to swelling, warping, and ultimately, structural damage. The Ville Painting Co. recommends painting or staining as a shield, repelling water and ensuring your wood stays strong and beautiful, come rain or shine.

  1. Keeping Rot at Bay: A Wood's Archenemy

Just like any good superhero story, wood has its archenemy—rot! Non-pressure treated wood is susceptible to rot, especially when exposed to moisture for extended periods. Once rot sets in, it can spread like wildfire, compromising the structural integrity of your favorite wooden features. The Ville Painting Co. knows that painting or staining creates a robust barrier against moisture, thwarting rot's evil plans and preserving your wood's strength and beauty.

  1. Protecting Against Sun's Scorching Rays

Nashville summers are full of sunny days that can be a delight, but prolonged exposure to the sun's scorching rays can be harsh on your wood. UV rays can fade the natural color and weaken the wood fibers over time. The Ville Painting Co. recommends painting or staining with products that include UV protection, acting as sunscreen for your wood, preventing unsightly fading and maintaining its lustrous appearance.

  1. Elevating Aesthetics: Enhancing Nashville's Charm

Your Nashville home is a masterpiece, and your wooden features deserve to be showstoppers! The Ville Painting Co. knows that painting or staining allows you to customize your wood's appearance, adding a touch of personal style to your property. From classic whites to vibrant hues or natural wood tones, the options are endless. You'll not only protect your wood but also elevate your home's aesthetics, enhancing Nashville's charm with your unique flair.


Nashville homeowners, in partnership with The Ville Painting Co., heed the call to action! For all your non-pressure treated wood, don't wait another day to paint or stain. Shield against moisture, thwart rot, and protect against the sun's rays—your wood will thank you with lasting strength and beauty. Plus, with the opportunity to elevate aesthetics, you can create a stunning canvas for your Nashville property, leaving a lasting impression on all who pass by.

So, let's get those paintbrushes and stain cans ready! Preserve the natural splendor of wood, with the expert guidance of The Ville Painting Co., and keep your Nashville property looking fantastic for years to come. With a little TLC, your wooden features will shine like stars, adding to the beauty of our vibrant Music City. Happy painting and staining, Nashville homeowners! Let's make our woodwork proud and celebrate the charm of Nashville, one brushstroke at a time!

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